Be guardians of your prayers, and of the midmost prayer, and stand up with devotion to Allah. [Quran 2:238]

The prayer room is the heart of the Islamic society. If we were to fail in all our services to you, this is the one we would never forsake – protecting the right to pray.

The PR most obviously serves as a place to pray. The 5 daily prayers are performed in congregation, right after the adhan is called. Wudhu facilities are available in both prayer rooms.

Brothers Prayer Room
9B (Basement) Princes Gardens
London SW7 1NA

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Sisters Prayer Room
10B (Basement) Princes Gardens
London SW7 1NA

Salah in congregation is 27 times more meritorious than a Salah performed individually – Bukhari and Muslim

The space is also a great escape from the stresses of everyday life. Reconnect with the Qur’an or pick up one of the books we have to offer. You will always find friendly brothers and sisters in the PR; be sure to introduce yourself – great, lifelong friendships have been forged here!

For prayer room swipe card access please fill in the form at

There is also a prayer room for medics at Charing Cross hospital which requires a code for access. The code is CX2579. Jummah is offered in B1 and B2 of the Reynolds building.

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Directions to Prayer Rooms from South Kensington Station

Jummah is held in Beit Quad (student union building) at 1pm. Brothers pray on the 1st floor and sisters on the 3rd. For more information and directions, click here!