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Assalaamu’Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh
May Peace and Blessings be upon you!

Imperial College Islamic Society is one of the largest, most active and diverse societies on campus. We aim to serve not just the Muslim staff and students, but all those who approach us wanting to be a part of our mini community!

We have a calendar that is packed throughout the year as our events are catered to all tastes – from charity campaigns and structured classes, to socials and trips!
For great company, free food, exciting events and a spiritually profitable way to invest your time look no further. We’d love to have you on board!

May Allah aid you, shower His blessings and allow you to flourish over the next year.

With Love,
Your ISoc Committee 2018-19


19 hours ago

Imperial College Islamic Society

New Humans of Imperial ISoc post 👇👇" 'Oh Allah, tell me, what did I do today?'

Dawud Wharnsby Ali cassette on repeat in the car, making us as kids ponder over what we've been getting up to and encouraging us to do good.

15 years on, I've slowly begun to realise what it means to reflect on my interactions with people. The words I use, the comments I make, how I come across, my intentions. Many a time there's regret over what could have been said better, what should've been left out altogether and what actions completely ruined intentions.

With any discipline, in order to get better we have to review our performance, looking at the ways and means through we can make things better. In the same vein, let's together think about our thoughts, behaviours and actions and ultimately aim to improve (myself first and foremost inshaAllah)

May Allah grant us all good character, sincerity and humility. May He allow us to follow in the footsteps of His Messenger Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)

If anyone's feeling nostalgic - 'What did I do today?' by Dawud Wharnsby Ali:

P.s. It's always lovely to see all the glowing smiles and warm embraces at the ISoc - hope everyone is well inshaAllah"- Anonymous

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