Jumu'ah Services

Our services are held in Beit Hall, with the sisters in Meeting Room 3 (take the lift to level 3). Brothers go to first floor dining hall (one floor above ground floor). Times are subject to changes throughout the year, please join our chats to stay updated.

The khattibs are carefully selected and rotate every week. Our members diligently prepare the hall before prayer, and we extend a warm invitation to everyone in the vicinity to join as we pray in congregation.

Only Jumu'ah Salah is done in this location. Other prayers can be performed in out designated prayer rooms (requires student access to enter).


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The Etiquittes of Jumu'ah
Perform ghusl (full body wash) and wear clean clothes
Read Surat Al-Kahf
Pray 2 or 4 sunnah raka'at before the khutbah
Pray 4 or 6 (4 + 2) Sunnah raka'at after Jumu'ah