Prayer Rooms

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South Kensington

Brothers: 14B Princes Gardens SW7 1NA

Sisters: 15B Princes Gardens SW7 1NA

Important: Access to prayer rooms require keycard access, click here to apply

Important: Jumu'ah Prayers are held in a different location during term time, click here for more information

Please note: These rooms are for student and staff use only, for external use please contact us


Charing's Cross

Location: Ground floor, East wing

Click here for more detailed directions

Open Times: 07:00 - 19:00, everyday

Jumu'ah: prayers are usually held in the New Board Room in the south wing of the hospital

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St Mary's Hospital

Location: Ground floor, Clarence Memorial Building

Click here for more detailed directions, opening time details and Jumu'ah Prayer times and locations

Prayer Room Etiquette

Clean up any mess you make
Keep shoes on the shoe racks
Put any prayer mats back where you found them
Be mindful of your volume being considerate to people praying
Put back any books you use when you are done
Do NOT flush wipes down the toilet and keep the bathroom clean
Do not leave the wudhu area or bathroom wet
Report any maintanence issues to our prayer room officers